Key Personnel

Anthony Caole



Anthony Caole serves as President/CEO for Three Star Enterprises, LLC, an Alaska Native Corporation, and sister subsidiary Three Star Government Solutions, LLC, both owned by Oceanside Corporation. Mr. Caole is a former Tribal Administrator (Native Village of Kwinhagak), and former Sr. Management Consultant at Northern Management, a Division of CE2 Engineers, Inc., where he spearheaded millions of dollars in rural infrastructure development projects for remote communities in Alaska. From 2011 until 2019, he served as Regional Director (Contractor) for the Alaska Region T/TA Center, a Resource of the Administration for Native Americans, where he was responsible for overseeing statewide training and technical assistance in support of the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) competitive grant programs, which focus on social and economic development as well as language preservation and maintenance. He also lead Three Star's expansion into the U.S. Department of Defense arena, securing major staffing contracts with the USAF, USACE, US Navy, and US Coast Guard. His personal passion is developing virtual workforce solutions to train and employ off-site talent in the performance of contracts, and creating virtual work opportunities in disadvantaged as well as rural and remote communities. He completed his BA in Rural Development from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), and subsequently completed a Master's degree in International and Intercultural Management from the School for International Training (SIT) as well as a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management from American Military University (AMU), where he focused on disaster resiliency in indigenous and international communities. In 2019, he was accepted into AMU's Doctoral Global Security program. He is a multi-ethnic descendant of Cabarruyan Island, Philippines; his children are enrolled tribal members of the Native Village of Kwinhagak.

Career Highlights:

  • Currently enrolled in American Military University’s Doctoral Program in Global Security
  • 27 Years of experience working in cross-cultural environments serving the Native Alaskan, Native American, and Asian/Pacific Islander community
  • Built up a tribal government in a remote village with scare resources from 1 FTE to 40+ FTEs, completing millions of dollars in local, force-account construction and helping the Tribe achieve Self-Governance Status
  • Spearheaded the first complete municipal-tribal administrative merger in the U.S.
  • Assisted tribes and municipalities throughout Alaska with securing in excess of $40 million in state, federal and foundation program funding as well as construction funding (for roads, clinics, community facilities, and rural energy and sanitation projects)
  • Managed a statewide federally funded Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Center supporting the Administration for Native Americans in Alaska and nationally
  • 10 Years of Federal SBA 8(a) contracting experience with diverse federal agencies, including HHS (ANA, LIHEAP), DHS (USCG), and DoD (USACE, USAF, USN)
  • Built a federal contracting business from 1 FTE and zero revenues to a peak of 50 FTE’s working in the USA, Europe, and Asia and peak revenues of $7 million, achieving debt-free status in 2019
  • Currently enrolled in American Military University’s Doctoral Program in Global Security with a focus on human security and non-traditional security threats to vulnerable populations.
Photo: Anthony Caole, Regional Director(CTR) and the Alaska Region, hosting the Administration for Native Americans National Technical Assistance Providers in Juneau, Alaska

Anthony Caole, CEO as Project Manager

Key Personnel Experience

Mr. Anthony Caole (Key Personnel) is transitioning from the position of Chief Executive Officer of Three Star Enterprises, LLC, to the CEO position in 3SGS. Mr. Caole was directly involved (hands on) in the oversight and management of contracts resulting in the growth of Three Star Enterprises, LLC from zero revenues to a 50 person company with annual revenues of over $7 million dollars in 2019.

*Three Star Enterprises owned 51% of the Three Star MedPro Tech JV, LLC.

Experience Overview

Agency: HHS, Agency for Children and Families, Administration for Native Americans (ANA)

Contract Number: HHSP233201600021C


Three Star Enterprises, LLC is currently performing under its second contract cycle (Base + 4 option years) for this task. Three Star operates the HHS/ACF/ANA Region 3 Training and Technical Assistance Center for the Administration for Native Americans (ANA), collaborating with the Pacific, Western, and Eastern Region T/TA Centers to deliver a cohesive regional and national technical assistance program for more than 567 federally recognized tribes and hundreds of Native organizations throughout the US and its territories. The contract covers numerous tasks that include staffing, logistics and meeting planning, general project management and reporting, help-desk support to grantees, maintaining a regional website and virtual community and social media, delivering national 508 compliant webinars, serving as Subject Area Managers in the virtual ANA application panel and coordinating logistics for meetings, VIP visits to Region 3 and facilitating training sessions.

Agency: US Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering & Support Center

Contract Number: W912DY-16-C-0005


Three Star provides personnel to deliver IT support services at the William Beaumont Army Military Medical Center (WBAMC). The WBAMC Information Management Division (IMD) is responsible for providing information services in support of health care delivery and administration for approximately 4,000 customers. This architecture consists of standard Department of Defense (DoD) Health Affairs and Army Automated Information Systems (AIS), commercial off the shelf systems (COTS), and locally developed systems. Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) support is provided throughout the El Paso, TX Metropolitan area, to include Fort Bliss, Biggs Field, White Sands and commercial buildings.

Agency: United States Department of the Air Force

Contract Number: FA8052-16-C-0031


Three Star MedPro Tech JV, LLC* provided highly skilled and licensed health care professionals to staff military medical treatment facilities in Europe, Japan and the Republic of Korea. Healthcare providers include:

  • Psychologists (10)
  • Psychiatrists (2)
  • Social Workers (5)

Agency: United States Navy, Medical Logistics Command

Contract Number: N62645-16-D-5016


Three Star MedPro Tech JV, LLC* provides U.S. Naval Hospital Okinawa, Japan, U.S. Naval Hospital Yokosuka, Japan, and associated branch health clinics with medically related administrative support services and medically related programmatic support services to support military beneficiaries. Functions include:

  • Medical Records Support,
  • Patient Appointment Support,
  • Clear and Legible Reporting Support,
  • Medical Evaluation Board Support,
  • General Medical Clerical Support,
  • Medical Scribe Support,
  • Medical Accounting Clerical Support,
  • Credentialing Programmatic Support, and
  • Other Healthcare Related Administrative Support Services.

Laurie Burt

Business Operations Manager - Huntsville, Alabama


In the Business Ops Manager’s role. Mrs. Burt supports the company and customer deliverables, project schedules, organizes office functions, and oversees daily operations in our Huntsville facility. As backup to the Chief Financial Officer, Mrs. Burt works directly with and on Government Project deliverables. As a skilled business professional with 20+ years of experience in Accounting, Government Regulations and Customer Service skills. Mrs. Burt is considered a professional with advanced ability and knowledge in Liability Accruals and Accounts Receivables. She is strong in solving problems, leadership, and pays meticulous attention to detail. Mrs. Burt is excellent in organizational skills, shows poise under pressure. She is self driven and considered to be a technical thinker, analytical, highly motivated, accountable individual.  Mrs. Burt is considered a subject matter expert, specializing in several Government Accounting systems such as Deltek Cost Point and Expense; and an expert in JFTR, DoD Regulations. As a weakness, Mrs. Burt sometimes pays too much attention to detail.

Al Melchor

Program Manager, Hawaii


Al Melchor has over 26 years of dedicated military service in the US Army and fourteen years’ experience in Defense Contracting as a Program Manager:

  • Experienced in training development, logistics, security and human resource management
  • resulting in the certification of individuals in a variety of career fields.
  • Developed, implemented and administered personnel and training programs;
  • Excellent reputation with seniors, peers and subordinates, knowledgeable and innovative team
  • player
  • Consistently recognized for performance, accomplishments and loyalty
  • Graduate of First Sergeants course, received five- weeks training in the most crucial tasks in the duty position of First Sergeant. The course curriculum included instruction in physical training, personal appearance, unit administration, logistics, security, field operations, discipline, esprit decorp, personnel actions, communications, and problem solving.
  • Graduate of Advance Non-commissioned Officers course, received three-months advanced non-commissioned officers training. The course curriculum included instruction in tactical
  • training, individual training, field operations, maintenance, land navigation and tank section
  • operations
  • Graduate of Basic Non-commissioned Officers course, received five-weeks of armor tank
  • technical skills, tactical training and gunnery skills
  • Graduate of Primary Non-commissioned Officers course, received four-weeks of basic first aid,
  • drill and ceremonies, physical training and basic map reading
  • Graduate of Drill Sergeant Instructor course, received nine-weeks training of Drill Sergeant Instructor. The course curriculum included, physical training, advanced drill and ceremony,
  • soldier caring, basic marksmanship, hand to hand combat training, tactical road march, first aid, and bivouac training
  • Completed 40-hour instructor training course: Proficient in various training techniques and
  • presentations
  • Completed 40-hour first aid course: Basic first training in CPR, burns, fractures, and bleeding